An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. So in infographic below, you could see visual representation of information or data.

In Regione Piemonte developed a self-sufficient energy system with particular focus on the educational vocation of local communities. The system also significantly reduced costs of the REA
Botanic garden utilities. All thanks to PPI and SMART tools developed within the PPI2Innovate project of Interreg Central Europe Programme.

The city of Lublin lacked innovative lighting solutions. Now, because of PPI, the city has energy efficient, SMART LED luminaires with motion and air pollution sensors in the mini-amphitheatre of John Paul II.

Ministry of Public Administration in Slovenia did not have suitable SMART ICT tool for semantic analysis. Thanks to PPI has developed brand new innovative software that simplified work of system operators.

Thanks to PPI has been developed a new and innovative patient-focused Health system in Somogy County that simplified and shortened patients‘ pathways. At the same time increased role & efficiency of prevention and reduced costs of patient monitoring.